The steps below demonstrate how you can enable Merchant Warrior as a payment option on your Xero Invoices. This is accomplished by using the Xero Custom URL functionality.

You will need to contact us to enable the Xero service on your Merchant Warrior account before you can complete the steps below.

Add a payment service
  1. Navigate to the Settings in your Xero portal.
  2. Click Payment Services in the Organisation settings.
  3. Scroll down to Other Available Payment Services, click Add Other and select Custom Payment URL.
  4. Enter a name as you'd like it to appear in Xero (Merchant Warrior).
  5. Enter the Merchant Warrior custom URL that can be copied from the Settings in your Merchant Warrior portal.
  6. Enter the pay now text you'd like included on your Xero invoices and click Save.
Apply to a branding theme
  1. On the Payment Services screen, click Manage themes.
  2. Select Merchant Warrior from the Credit card service drop down and click Save.
  3. You will now be able to send invoices to your customers and have them pay via Merchant Warrior.