The steps below demonstrate how you can enable Merchant Warrior Pay ID as a payment option on your wooCommerce store. Once this payment method has been enabled on your wooCommerce store, your customers will be able to make a payment from their internet banking app to an email address owned by your company. The bank transfer will be received and reconciled instantly within your wooCommerce store.

You will need to ensure that you have completed the two steps below before proceeding with the steps required to configure PayID in your wooCommerce store.

  1. You will need to have purchased and installed the Merchant Warrior wooCommerce extension
  2. You should contact us to enable Pay ID on your account and register your domain for Pay ID email registrations
Enabling the Merchant Warrior PayID payment method

Navigate to your Payments settings in the wooCommerce administration backend (wooCommerceSettings Payments)


Enable the Merchant Warrior Pay ID method from the list of your payment methods and then click Manage to register and setup your store to accept instant bank transfers.

Registering your business PayID

You should now tick the Enable this payment method checkbox, set the Title to what you want your customers to see on the checkout screen for this payment method and ensure your Merchant Warrior UUID, Merchant Warrior API key and Merchant Warrior API passphrase have been entered in correctly. You will have a different set of credentials for your Test mode and Production mode setup, so if you have ticked the Enable Test Mode make sure you have entered in your test credentials.

If you have confirmed with us that your business domain has been registered to your account, you can go ahead and enter in an email address that you would like to register as your business PayID for your store. In this example, we have chosen [email protected] but you may choose your own email address or subdomain eg. [email protected], or [email protected]. Then click the Register Test PayID (Test mode) or Register PayID (Production mode) to register your business PayID.

If the registration is successful you will see that your business PayID is now enabled, otherwise you will receive an error and should contact us.

wooCommerce Registered PayID.png

You should now follow the instructions regarding your Notification URL. You need to supply this Notification URL to us so that we can link it to your account. If this step is not completed, your wooCommerce store will not update orders when you receive Pay ID payments.

It is important that you enter a Notification email so that you can receive email notifications if a customer enters an incorrect reference number. If this happens your wooCommerce store will be unable to find the order automatically, but you will be notified about it immediately.

After you are comfortable with all the settings you've entered click Save changes


Your store is now ready to accept payments via Pay ID.

Making a PayID payment

If you have Enabled the Merchant Warrior PayID payment method and you have Registered your business PayID, your customer will be able to pay via Pay ID on your checkout screen.

wooCommerce PayID checkout.png

After your customer clicks the Pay ID option and proceeds with the payment they will be taken to the confirmed order screen with payment instructions.

wooCommerce checkout.png

The order will remain in an on hold status (depending on your wooCommerce store status setup) until the PayID payment has been made by the customer. It is important that your customer enters the correct reference number when making their PayID transaction so that your wooCommerce store can instantly reconcile the payment.

order onhold payid.png

Below is an example of an ANZ customer making a PayID payment for the sample order above.

ANZ Pay to an email.png ANZ PayID payment.png

After your customer completes the payment from their internet banking app, your wooCommerce store will be instantly notified about the bank payment and the order status will be updated to processing.

order processing payid.png

If your customer enters an incorrect reference number that does not match their order number, you will receive an email to the Notification email address that you supplied above. This will help you locate the unmatched order so that you can continue with shipping out the order.

Congratulations 😊 your wooCommerce store can now accept instant bank transfers!